Saturday 16 August 2008


Namastic Art Collective, Suite Studio Group, Bureau + guests

Janet Griffiths. Installation. 2008

Jaana Kokko: Portraits of Solidarism. Drawings. 2008

Tom Watson. Series 1 of 3. 2008

Jonathan Carson & Rosie Miller: A Game We Made Up, Stories We Have Been Told. Sound installations. 2008

Sophia Crilly. Note. Pencil on paper. 2008

Sophia Crilly. Elaintarha #01. Filmed on location in Helsinki. 2008

Mark Kennard. Everything is a Knock on Effect. Drawing Installation. 2008

Eeva-Mari Hikala. Hand up - sit down- shame. Sketch for a project. 2008

Ima Pico. Stickers. 2008

Egle Oddo. Islington Mill. Frotagge on paper. 2008

Mikko Oravainen. Oravainen feat. Wendy. Photo documentation with Janet Griffiths/Wendy. 2008

Samantha Donnelly. Work in progress. 2008

Hannu Karjalainen. Woman in Pink Dress, work in progress. 2008

Andrew Bracey: Karhu Karaoke. Animation made in Helsinki. 2008

Fiona Curran, Marko Timlin, Egle Oddo. Colours in Sonic Space. Mixed media installation. 2008

Egle Oddo, Marko Timlin. Neon. Video performance. 2008

Tim Machin. Unititled (Cable Factory) Wallpainting. 2008

Tim Machin. Unititled (Cable Factory) Cut out papel model. 2008

Jonne Pitkänen: Kuusankoski. Installation

Janet Griffiths, Hannu Karjalainen, Juhana Moisander. Percy + Wendy. Video piece filmed on location in Manchester. 2008

Janet Griffiths, Juhana Moisander. Ghosts. Video installation filmed on location at Villa Eläintarha, Helsinki. 2008

+ Ossi Kajas: SWAP in progress. Documentation of Swap/Vaihto in Helsinki

Sound piece: Anne Charnock & Mikko Oravainen. Uncertainity Series No.1
Music: Oravainen featuring Jahvice, Mikey Mike + guests
DJ: Rootzilla

Performance, "Held der Arbeit", Relativity Group, Oddo/Convertito/Timlin.

Puristamo, 15 August 8:00pm

Tea Performance, "Tea was bitter", Juan Luis Moreno and Ying-Yi Wu

Puristamo. 15 August. 4:30pm

Thursday 14 August 2008

SWAP/VAIHTO is pleased to invite you to:
15 of August
From 16:30pm till late

16:30 Tea Performance, "Tea was bitter", Juan Luis Moreno and Ying-Yi WU:

*blood*: fevers, sweat, tears, wars, opium, destruction, renewed life and health

*sand*: way, presence, time, present, nudity, solitude, simplicity, nothingness

*sugar*: energy, industrial revolution, break, hospitality, motherhood

*tea*: bitterness, astringency, sweetness, awakening, rituals

20:00 Performance, "Held der Arbeit", Relativity Group, Oddo/Convertito/Timlin.
*In memory of Unknown Poets*

20:30 Introduction: Suite Studio Group artists, Ima Picó, Sophia Crilly, Mark Kennard, and Namastic artists.

23:00 Live performance / Jam: Oravainen, Jahvice, Mikey Mike & guests


Tallberginkatu 1 C 15
FI-00180 Helsinki

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Andrew Bracey - Karhu Cash and Karhu Cave

A new video animation made in Helsinki in responce to aspects of Finnish culture observed during my short time here; the old god bears which are everywhere, the karaoke and of course the drinking culture, among other things....

Monday 11 August 2008

Wendy and her friends play Honky Tonk Women

Wendy gets her friends to form an air guitar band one evening before they go out for the night.
Filmed at Islington Mill, Salford
The Band: Moe Gavin, Janet Griffiths, Adele Myers, Egle Oddo, Virva Sointu
Filmed by: Hannu Karjalainen
Direction: Spider Mike King
Edited by: Egle Oddo
Production: Janet Griffiths