Saturday, 9 August 2008


Namastic Art Collective, Suite Studio Group, Bureau + guests


Ima Picó: ”Stickers”
Manchester 2008.

Mikko Oravainen: ”Oravainen feat. Wendy”
Photo documentation with Janet Griffiths/Wendy. Salford, Manchester 2008.

Egle Oddo: ”Islington Mill”
Frottage on paper, July 2008.

Jonathan Carson & Rosie Miller: ”A Game We Made Up” Installation. Sound recorded in Manchester, July 2008.

Andrew Bracey: ”Bear/Karhu”
Video-installation, created in Helsinki, August 2008.

Jonne Pitkänen: Installation: ”Make It Your Own”
Audience can freely play and replace the objects, but don’t touch the TV. Have fun!

Jaana Kokko: ”At the first sight”
Photography series. Berlin 2005

Ossi Kajas: ”SWAP in process”
Photoshow of making the SWAP/VAIHTO in Helsinki.

Egle Oddo & Marko Timlin: ”Neon”
Video-performance. Helsinki 2008.


Jaana Kokko: ”In the forest there is a path of Martin Heidegger”. Video 12 min. Berlin 2008.

Juhana Moisander: ”Percy”
Video-installation, created at Islington Mill, Manchester, July 2008. Percy has no Mercy.

+ A wall by Vadelma ry. Free painting.


Dancers: Giorgio Convertito and Terhi Vaimala, present: ”Things Left Unsaid”

DJ’s: Oravainen, Mise, Aleksi Perälä (aka Astrobotnia aka Ovuca, Rephlex Records), Physics, Tomplex, Senqi + guests.

Visuals by VJFinland (

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